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Stradalli Cycle – a concept for the bicycle market.

Stradalli Cycle Team is made up of two parts. One group has been involved with  high-tech design and manufacturing of race quality motorcycle components for over 24 years. The side of Stradalli consists of cyclists with over sixty years of competitive cycling experience. With these two groups, Stradalli Cycle Company was founded. Stradalli is not just another cycling company, its goal is to create a company that will bring the best technology and innovation to high-end competitive riders as well as the budget conscious consumers looking for elite components at very affordable prices .

Stradalli specializes in ultra-light carbon fiber components. These products are Professionally race tested and put through the strictest quality control process. Stradalli produces frames and components which allow the athlete to realize their fullest potential without decimating their savings account.  Stradalli components put the cost conscious cyclist on the same level as the professional who gets top of the line equipment for free through their sponsors.  The only difference is that Stradalli components are sold at prices comparable to the lesser expensive lines – without worrying about the poor performance of inferior equipment lines.

How can we do this? It’s simple – we can offer our products at extremely competitive levels because you purchase our equipment directly from the manufacturer – Stradalli Cycle Company. We have eliminated all the wholesalers and retailers and let you buy from us, factory direct.  We sell directly to the public. All of these measures allow Stradalli to sell the best quality cycling equipment at affordable prices.  We believe that every competitor deserves the best equipment available and we are offering all cyclists an opportunity to get the best technology and style available on the market today.



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