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Piumate is a high-quality luxury fashion label that manufactures sleek footwear, clothing and accessories. Piumate’s signature look of a transparent membrane over visible naturally dyed feathers and synthetics makes it the only garment in the world where one can actually see its inner core.

The origin of the company’s name is derived from the Italian word “piume”, or feather, to characterize its unique concept. Piumate’s impressive collection of fall/winter and spring/summer lines consist of footwear, jackets, vests, gloves, hats, bags and a number of accessories.

By reinterpreting timeless Apennine-inspired designs through its trademarked materials and concepts, Piumate’s mission is to be the premier choice of urban-styled outerwear for fashion conscious men and women.

Characterized by vivid colors, timeless designs and a glossy shell, Piumate’s youthful and sophisticated look is a refreshing alternative for fashion-minded individuals who want to be seen on the streets and on the slopes.

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