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We’re lucky here at Elite. We fulfill the wishes of hundreds of thousands of great people. Cyclists like us.

A cyclist loves to make an effort. Climbing a mountain is an effort that builds a rider’s identity: cycling is not just a sport or a pastime activity – it’s a lifestyle.

We’re lucky, because our job is finding new technical solutions that raise the performance level of these extraordinary people. Cyclists.

We’re able to do this because we understand them. We face the same climbs and the same challenges and enjoy the wind in our face during a descent, just as they do.

This is what defines cycling. It’s life, effort, fun, overcoming challenges and limits, learning teamwork but also learning to face challenges alone, to prepare, to emulate.

We draw inspiration from cycling icons, those that have been using our products for almost 40 years. From the legends of the pas such as Indurain, Pantani and Evans to nowadays stars like Froome, Nibali and Quintana. They win the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and spring classics using our bottles and cages to quench their thirst. They wear the gold medal at the Olympics and train on our hometrainers.

At Elite we love the effort and the joy of victory. We’re 50-strong, all well versed in cycling, so there’s no room for improvisation. Many of us have been working here for more than 20 years. We win awards at the biggest events. We work inside an historic refurbished furnace that took us 10 years to restore. We manufacture locally, based on an idea that turned out to be fundamental to achieve success: our partners work exclusively for us, so we are primarily focused on marketing and research rather than production. We’re self-financed: all our investments come from resources that are the result of everyone’s work. That eliminates a bit of weight on a difficult climb. And we keep on growing.

We have been specializing in R&D, production and marketing of hometrainers, bottles and bottle cages since 1979. Today, cyclists train on hi-tech hometrainers, use bottle cages and drink from technologically advanced bottles with unprecedented qualities and features.

We’re lucky here at Elite, and we continue pedalling with our customers, people like you: we love the effort, we don’t compromise and we want the best, as we head towards the future.
Noi ci crediamo. Pedalate con noi.

Giulio Bertolo

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